Anti Fitspo - Grey T

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Image of Anti Fitspo - Grey T

Ever get bogged down with all the with all the images of ‘perfect’ bodies in magazines, Instagram and the like? Ever feel the pressure to live up to that, to try and emulate the lives of the ‘fitspo’ on social media or to be beach body ready. Ever thought, hey actually I’m doing ok they way I am and with what I’m doing?

Ever thought Fck Perfect and be yourself?!

Introducing the anti fitspo racerback

Fck Perfect
be You
be happy
be healthy
be true
be kind
be real
be strong
be different
be authentic

You’re doing fine with what your doing don’t try and emulate anyone else!

Silver and Hot Pink 'F*CK Perfect' Design featuring the Original Skull


Image of Anti Fitspo - Grey T Image of Anti Fitspo - Grey T