The Founder

Lover and a FIGHTER was created by former Military Bodyguard Polly Wilton.  Having left the army, she noticed one thing about fitness in civilian life - how Fashion comes with fitness. This was pretty alien to her, in the Army, the actual exercise was more important than what you were wearing! Her typical work out gear was combat fatigues or shorts and baggy tshirt.

After leaving the Army Polly started training to be a fitness instructor and joined a gym, her eyes were soon opened to how much fashion plays a part in people's fitness regime.  People seemed to really put effort into what they would wear to workout in, whether it be coordinating their tops, bottoms, trainers, socks or wearing branded items or bright colours, outfits weren't just thrown together, they were planned! 

Polly felt her basic shorts and tshirt just didn't cut it anymore.  She experimented with new fitness clothes and wanted to feel comfortable and confident, but also identify with the brand she was wearing.

This brought up some questions:

What about the generic/mainstream fitness brands? 

What if you're not a mainstream type of person?

What if you wanted to wear a brand that represents you...what you stand for.. one that will motivate you?...

...Step forward Lover and a FIGHTER